Kondo, M. (2014). Life-changing Magic of Tidying, The: A Simple, Effective Way. London: Vermilion.

The KonMari method of tidying up ‘once’ was initially a Japanese phenomenon, but has now been translated into 38 languages and has sold over 7 million copies. To work out what to keep you must tidy up your whole house by category and pick up each and every item individually and ask yourself her catch phrase ‘Does this spark joy?’ She claims that if you only keep the things you love and have a place for each item, your house will stay tidy and will bring you joy. This is an extreme detox and gives examples of how peoples’ lives have completely turned around once they ‘let go’ of clutter. What facinates me about this book is the way she talks about objects as if they were ‘alive’. Whenever she returns home she greets her house, changes into her loungewear before lovingly folding her clothes. She empties her handbag, thanks it for its hard work and lies it down to ‘rest’. This book has inspired me to follow her advice (to a point), and to delve deeper into the why boundaries between animate and inanimate objects blur.